Here you will find some common problems associated with window blinds.

Blindology Blinds can carryout various repairs in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. 

Repairs to vertical blinds, venetian blinds and roller blinds. 

Are your window blinds falling apart, damaged or just not operating correctly or have you parts broken or worn and they need repairing?

Blindology can repair most types of blinds, from vertical blind repairs, roman blind repairs, venetian blind repairs and roller blind repairs in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

Most common problems with blinds are the following:

Vertical window blind weights and stabilizing chains become brittle and break = Blindology can replace the vertical blind weights and chains if they get damaged or broken.

Vertical window blind head rail, the travellers become brittle and break = Blindology can supply and install new quality vertical window blind head rails that WILL last for at least 10 - 15 years (to be honest they will last a lot longer than that!) if the vertical blind head rails is damaged or broken.

Vertical window blind fabric broken/damaged/mould/mildew = Blindology can replace the vertical blind fabric slats if they get damaged or broken with quality ones, they will not break or allow damp/mould/mildew to attach to the fabrics.

Vertical blind slats will not rotate. Why wont my louvres, (slats, fabric, vanes) on my vertical blind won't rotate. Have I done something wrong?


    This sometimes will happen if the louvres were originally hung onto the head rail whilst the hooks were in the closed position. This is due to the slats not hung correctly, just take off the slats and remand correctly making sure that they are all facing the correct way.

    Or you may have been operating your vertical blinds and the louvres/slats may have snagged on to one of the other louvres/slats, or perhaps there is an obstruction causing the louvres/slats to not operate correctly (i.e. a curtain or window handle.) 

    The best option is this:

    You don't really need to take the louvres/slats off the head rail, though sometimes this can help to avoid any problems, (ensure that when you re-attach the louvres/slats, just make sure that they are all facing in the same direction!) 

    Then just pull/turn the chain around until the hooks are in the open position, sometimes you may have to turn the chain until you hear a clicking nose, don't worry as this is perfectly OK for your blinds, (see below) keep on gently pulling until all the hooks are aligned the correct way. 

    You may have to rotate the chain until it stops clicking, then rotate the opposite way. (You will notice that all of the hooks should face the same direction. This means that when you re-hang the louvres/slats, you'll be able to see through them and out of your window. 

    Your louvres should now rotate without any problems. 

    But just remember, that this may happen often due to an obstruction against your vertical blinds. You may have to ensure that you move any obstructions, or that you may have to operate one blind before the other. This commonly happens in square bay windows.

Cords fray and break = Blindology can replace the cords on venetian blinds if they have broken, all we need to do is to try and match the colour as close as possible.

Ladder cord = Blindology can replace the ladder cord on venetian blinds if it has broken, again as the same for cords above.

Roller window blinds operating mechanism breaks = Blindology can normally replace the roller blind operating mechanism and brackets, though it does depend on the size and type of the roller barrel itself, though if need be, Blindology can replace the complete roller blind (brackets, tube, mechanism.)

Roller window blind fabric can get damaged or get mildew/damp/mould = Blindology can replace the roller blind fabric with a good quality fabric of your choice from our samples.

  • Common problems with Roman window blinds:

Cords and eyelets break = Blindology can replace the roman blind cord and eyelets if they get damaged or broken.

Blindology have a stock of various common repair items that customers require to repair their blinds. Ranging from vertical blind chains, weights etc, roller blind chains, roman blinds cord, venetian blinds plastic wand and hooks. If the repairs to be carried out on your blinds are slightly different, Blindology will endeavour to source and obtain your parts required to get that blind back up and working. Though sometimes, dependant on manufacturer, age of the blind or no parts available, Blindology would have to replace with completely new.

Blindology Blind repairs cover the Plymouth area, though we can also cover an approximate 25 mile radius, covering, Saltash, Torpoint, Looe, Liskeard, Totnes, Callington, Gunnislake - most PL postcodes. 

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