Roller Blinds Plymouth by Blindology Blinds of Plymouth - Made to measure roller window blinds. 

Please see below for some pictures of previous customer installations, these are real! 

All of our roller blinds are suitable for any area of your property, ranging from the kitchen all the way through to your bedrooms. They can also be installed into any commercial property, office or school etc, this is due to the quality of our roller blinds and the fabrics that we use. Ensuring that the quality of the mechanisms, brackets, chains, and the fabric so that they are suitable for both the domestic and commercial window blind applications.

All of the fabrics that we use are of the highest quality and have been fully tested to ensure longevity. Also they are ALL sourced and produced here in the UK, of which we are very proud of.

We have fabrics that are more suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, black out fabrics suitable for your bedroom or childrens bedrooms, dim out fabrics which will help to avoid and remove the glare offering help in shading for you furnishings and also any visual display equipment.

Roller blinds are a less obtrusive way of offering shading, though they have very limited uses i.e mainly up or down, though they can be lowered or raised according to your needs and they will stay in the place that you want them.

Available in sponge wipeabe finishes, though there are some that are more suited for damp/moist areas such as in the kitchen and or bathrooms, these have a stay fresh coating which will stop any damp/mold attaching to the material. The roller blind is a simple yet practical solution to shading and privacy.

All the roller blinds can be finished with a flat/straight edge or if you fancy a different style, then perhaps a scalloped or cafe pole style can compliment your blind, along with a decorative braid to finish the colour co-ordination. You can even have some tassels added to your blind, the choice is yours. Though currently most customers opt for the straight edge plain finish.

Roller blinds are suitable for all areas, though it seems that the most common areas that customers choose to have them installed are for the use of either a kitchen blind or bathroom blind, though with the roller blind they can be installed virtually into any window or opening. Along with black out blinds into a bedroom.

Fabrics range from the plain colours through to some bright bold and vibrant patterns. We always supply metal chains and we can also give advice and install a child safety device. For your piece of mind.

Some more information regarding roller blinds can be found here.


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