Child Safety Notice! Regarding window blinds!
Please take the time to read the information below.

In recent years there have been a number of accidents and fatalities involving young children and window blind cords. These accident have not only happened here in the UK but also abroad.

We all want to know that our children are safe, whether they are playing in their own bedroom at home, or at a friends house, or anywhere else there could be free hanging window blind cords that could present a danger of strangulation to young children and toddlers.

By installing a window blind child safety device, you can also help prevent these terrible accidents from happening. With the use of a simple, easy to install and easy to use, cost a couple of pounds - Child safety window blind device.

Depending on what type of window blind you have, depends on what type of child safety unit you will require, these range from:

  • Vertical window blind child safety device. (Cord and chain operated.) Along with the child safety wand for vertical blind head rail.
  • Venetian window blind child safety device. (Cord operated.)
  • Roller window blind child safety device. (Chain operated.)
  • Roman window blind child safety device. (Cord or chain operated.)
  • Pleated window blind child safety device. (Cord operated.)

Here are some tips regarding your blinds and child safety in mind.

Window blind cords and chains must be kept out of reach of babies and small children and here are your solutions for new and existing blinds.

Here is what you should do now if you have babies or young children living in your house or if babies or young children may visit:

Examine every blind in your home. If they have a looped control chain or cord and do not have a safety device fitted then you can easily install one of our child safety devices.

  • Ensure that all operating blind cords and chains cannot be reached by children.
  • Move cots, beds and any furniture away from windows and blinds – remember children love to climb.
  • Ensure that you supervise your children, just the same as though they were in the bath or paddling pool, it only takes a blink of the eye for accidents to happen.

Some important information regarding child safety with looped or chained window blinds:

Research indicates that most accidental deaths which involves blind cords or chains happen in the bedroom and occur in children between 16 months and 36 months old, with the majority (more than half) happening at around 23 months.

These toddlers are mobile, but their heads still weigh proportionately more than their bodies compared to adults and that their muscular (motor) and co-ordination control is not yet fully developed, this makes them more prone to be unable to free themselves if they become entangled.

In addition, toddlers' windpipes have not yet fully developed and are smaller and less rigid than those of adults and older children. This means that they can/will suffocate far more quickly if their necks are constricted in a shape or form.

As with drowning, toddlers can be strangled quickly and quietly by looped cords with carers in close proximity, potentially unaware of what is happening.

To reduce the risk posed by looped cords, including blind cords, cords should be kept out of the reach of children at all times.

For the sake of spending a couple of pound is it worth it?

If the use of just one safety device for children helps prevent an injury then all the better.